Our area is 56 000 decare. The most attractive lakes are Skurvvatnet, Storheitjønna, Pissbekkvatnet, Grønnlivatnet (popular for families) , Merratjønna and Svarttjønna. There you can catch trout. Slottanebbtjønna contains roe. Distance from the road  is 1 – 4 km.


Discover the beautiful mountain range at Fosen. You may walk miles and miles in the large area between Åfjord, Roan, Osen, Namdalseid and Verran municipalities. A lot of the area  lies above the tree line. Hiking to the peaks Dåapma (644 metres above sea level) and Finnvollheia (675 metres above sea level)  on a partly marked path, is very popular.

Skiing trips

Momyra (4 km from us) is a great base for skiing trips. Skiing track (about 16 km) from Momyrstua to the peak Dåapma. The snow often stays until after Easter and the area is a popular area for short or long skiing trips. Red Cross is often present in the area on snowmobile parts of Easter week.