We sell hunting cards for the Lonin hunting and fishing area. The area is a 5600 ha. We are in contact with the Lonin Hunting and Fishing Committee for the sale of hunting of elk, deer and deer.


The most attractive trout waters are Skurvvatnet, Storheitjønna, Pissbekkvatnet, Grønaivatnet, Merratjønna and Svarttjønna. In Slottanebbtjønna you can fish roe. Distance from road 1 – 4 km.

Hiking summer / fall

You may walk for days in the large area between the Åfjord, Roan, Osen, Namdalseid and Verran municipalities.

Skiing at the roof of Fosen!

Discover the beautiful mountain range at Fosen. Ski and hiking terrain directly from the cottage. Momyra (dist. 4 km) is a great base for hikes. Track from Momyra to the mountain Dåapma approx. 16 km.